Zone defense is not just for sports.

Got clutter? Check.

Got multiple rooms? Check.

Got stress? Check

Sometimes trying to declutter a house can seem like a daunting task, especially if every room LOOKS LIKE A JACKSON POLLOCK PAINTING

It can get overwhelming.

There is a strategy to get things organized by breaking down your house into twelve zones:

1. The Playing Field: getting your action plan together.

2. Your Personal Space: getting your s#%t together.

3. The Kitchen: the most used room in the house.

4. Clothing and textiles: keep or donate?

5. Living spaces and entertainment. Got too many books and DVD’s?

6. Transportation and travel: get those fast food bags out of the back seat.

7. Kids Stuff: They can do laundry too.

8. Bathrooms: can get cluttered really easily. Here’s how to stay clean.

9. Emergency preparedness: hurricane season is a’comin.

10: Outdoors: ’nuff said.

11. Office and paper: the bane of most households

12: Deep Storage: the place for stuff you need to keep but rarely use.


in Jessica Fisher’s blog, “Life as a Mom.”

This isn’t some life hack quick declutter clickbait ploy. This is a very detailed system for getting your house organized, and it’s free so you don’t have to go scrounging through your local bookstore or Amazon wondering which book will be the best. It’s all right there.