If you’re looking for a home improvement project that’s primarily DIY, you might want to consider creating your own backyard escape. After building a patio, adding a seating area, and fencing your backyard for privacy, you’ll have a beautiful escape and a fantastic spot to host gatherings with family and friends.  

Build a Patio

Patios have become a trending home improvement project, and with many different types of material and various layouts to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative. 

How to Build a Patio

Better Homes and Gardens compares building a patio to putting the pieces of a puzzle together, making it easy enough to create one in the span of a weekend. Because you need to move pieces around until they fit well, ensure you leave a uniform space between each of the stones. 


Check out these steps for building a patio:  


  1. Create an outline for your patio and remove the sod.

  2. Add some landscaping fabric to your patio base.

  3. Use gravel and sand to build your patio base.

  4. Place your paving stones in your patio.

  5. Top off your patio with sand.

  6. Maintain your patio as necessary by filling the cracks with sand.

Create an outdoor seating area

Next, you’ll want to add some furniture to your patio. Keeping in mind the dimensions of your space, you can choose chaise lounges, outdoor love seats, tables, and chairs. Some people prefer the simplicity of a wooden picnic table with attached benches. Still, others are ceaselessly searching for unique ideas. 


One unique outdoor seating option is to extend your seating area by laying gravel on the ground next to the patio and adding a firepit. After constructing the firepit, you can add wooden benches around the perimeter of your add-on seating area that work great for roasting marshmallows or for when your gathering includes more than a handful of people. 


An excellent idea for your main seating area is light-colored wicker furniture, including a sofa/chaise lounge, table, motorized awning, and flowy white curtains around the perimeter. For more ideas on how to appoint your backyard, check out these suggestions from Birch Lane to give your patio some extra pizazz.


Add a privacy fence

Adding a fence not only offers a layer of privacy, but it also provides security by keeping children and pets in and intruders out. This includes furry intruders. Having a fence keeps your dogs in and the neighbor’s dogs out. It can also be a deterrent for skunks and possums – two pests that most homeowners do not want in their yard. 


Your fence can also be a vital part of your backyard escape’s aesthetic appeal. There are many different materials to choose from, and you can customize the look and height to your preferences. 

While you could DIY a fence, it’s quite the undertaking, especially if you’re going with a stockade fence. Unless you have the time and a lot of skill, you’re better off connecting with local fence companies for the job. Practice due diligence and check out online reviews and ratings of potential contractors, then once you narrow your choices, get at least three quotes.

Creating a backyard escape is a fun, rewarding project. It’s got creativity, security, safety, beauty, and utility. What more could you ask?

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Jim McKinley